10 December 2008

Funny stories #2

When Carus was about 3, Robert was getting her dressed and she pointed at her nipples and said, "one day these are going to be boobies."

We were lucky enough to have family visitors for Thanksgiving this year. Terye (my mom), Peter (my brother), and Carie (Peter's g/f) came for a visit and on their first night here during dinner the conversation turned to Robert's recent birthday (30) and how he was now "old". (He isn't really old, the kids and I have just been teasing him because he said he felt he was getting old.) Adam then said he doesn't feel 30 is that old and that "you're not really old until you're like 50...I mean until you're like 70 or 80." I had to say, "Terye, he corrected himself because he thought you were over 50 and didn't want to call you old."

Adam made up a song: (sung to the tune from Sesame Street's Baby Bear 'He's a hero' song)

I have an eyebrow,

It is big.
It's a monobrow,

I used to dig.

He was unable to get any further in his composition because we were laughing too hard.

Yesterday I found I have gray hairs. I really don't mind them, they just snuck up on me and surprised me. I found it while I was waiting for Carus after school and when she got in the car we had the following conversation:

Me: I have gray hair
Carus: Na-uh.
Me: Yup, see.
Carus: Ha, now your old.

After picking up Adam after choir practice she told him that I was old 'cause I have gray hair, and that Gramma Barbara (Robert's mom) doesn't even have gray hair. I laughed and said, "Yea, well she cheats and dies the gray hair!"

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