21 July 2010

Adam goes Go-Kart racing

Because Adam didn't want to go to the concert we decided to let him do something he's been wanting to do for awhile: Go-Kart racing at SyKart racing. Robert took him so it was sort of a Daddy/son thing like the concert was a Mother/daughter thing.

I sent the camera along with Robert so that he could get some pictures and video for me. Thanks for the pictures Robert!

Since he is younger than 16 and does not have a license he had to first take a class.  And the classes are only on Saturdays.

Normally kids start out in their small Karts and move up to the medium size - and at a certain point, if you can do laps in a certain amount of time, you earn the big ones (Robert is working on that).  Because of Adam's size (5'2") he doesn't fit in the small Karts so he got to start with the medium sized. The size is the size of the motors, and I think they are 6.5 horsepower motors, the large being 9 HP.

Adam go cart racing

Robert fitted him for a helmet and then Adam had to watch the safety video to learn which pedal is gas, which is brake, the flag signals, what to do if you get stuck, how to be safe, blah blah blah.

Adam go cart racing

Adam lucked out and was the only one for class that day - complete one on one instruction.

Adam did 10 laps following the instructor, then they took a break. Another 10 laps or so following the instructor and another break.

Adam go cart racing

Then he got to do 10-15 laps by himself. Robert was a bit jealous he got to be on the track alone. He could have paid to do a few laps too, but it really starts to add up quickly and figured that trip was just for Adam.  Now that Adam has completed this course he can go back with Robert any time.

And now the video - there is a small crash a little before the 1 minute mark. Not bad - and I think that was his worst "crash" of the day. Robert said he did great and had less trouble 'driving' than he thought he would (since it was his first time behind a wheel other than video games).

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