24 July 2010


A couple of weekends ago we packed us a lunch and headed to the beach for the day.  We went to Cape Meares. Its a small, secluded, not at all busy beach. 
07-10-10 (2)

It was foggy when we got there, but still warm and enjoyable.  As always, the water was FREEZING, but that never stops the kids from wading in it a bit. 

07-10-10 (7)

After walking a bit we found a stop to sit and chill.  The kids played in the sand for awhile and we ate.  Then we walked back down the beach the way we came. 

The fog was starting to burn off a bit. We ended up stopping again near a little stream that fed into the ocean and the kids and I started to build a dam.  Pretty soon we were all building a dam, and were having some fun. Dam dam dam dam

The kids were having tons of fun saying DAM over and over and over. We're building a DAM! Damn dam. HA!

We encourage that kind of maturity.

You should see how we handle the word FART around here.
07-10-10 (29)

Then Carus screamed "Eeeek, a scorpian!" And when I looked my first thought was, I don't think it's alive, it is underwater.  But after another look we thought it was a lobster or crawdad.  A baby one. They kept it in the dam, and I ran back to the car for the camera which Robert had taken back up after lunch.

I think lobster, because I think the stream was salt water (I think) and crawdads aren't in saltwater....right?  I've never seen one so???

07-10-10 (14)
That's Robert's hand - see how tiny it is.

Robert decided it was a lobster because of the shape of it's tail.

07-10-10 (15)
LOBSTER ON A STICK! (If you've seen Jeff Dunham, you'll totally get that.)

From what I can find online - I am really not sure.  I'm still leaning towards lobster but??? No not lobster butt. That's just gross. Or maybe it's good, dunno, never had lobster butt.

07-10-10 (20)

Oh, and we did release it back into the wild - don't know if a fishy or birdy got it; but we released it still alive and kicking.

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