02 September 2013

Happy Birthday Adam!

245_365 09-02-13

I cannot believe it's been 15 years.  Adam is growing up to be such a funny, caring, smart, and thoughtful young man.  He makes us so proud every day.  I like talking books with him, he has some great reading suggestions.  I'm excited for his first year of high school - and nervous too. I only have him for 4 more years and then he'll be off on his college most likely.  He figures he'll go to college even though he doesn't yet know what for.  

Why does time have to fly by so quickly?

(This is #245 of 365. I will catch up with 240-244 later this week, in addition to this week's.)

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  1. Hey, What a nice picture of him,Of course every picture of those kids are great pictures. Thanks BV


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