12 September 2014

Guess Who's Back!

Scout is back!!!

About a week ago, Scout's owner called and said she was bringing Scout back to the barn and asked if we could help take care of him cleaning stalls and looking after him and Carus could ride him as often as she wanted.  We agreed and then we made a plan to surprise Carus.

We started out going out to the barn to do a riding lesson on Mister (another horse at the barn who is also such a sweetheart) with Geneva.

Karen showed up and I called, "Hey Carus, come see what Karen has in her trailer."

Carus was very happy to see Scout.  I was very happy we were able to surprise her - I love surprising people - good surprises only.

She brushed him down and loved on him, and he followed her around the arena without a lead, and then Carus helped Karen give him a bath.

Carus is very happy to have him back, I am too. He's a good horse and it makes me happy to see how much they like each other. She says, "my Scout" and I have to have permission to touch him or brush him. Mostly she asks me to pick his hooves because she doesn't like that job. I've been paying attention during her lessons on how to tack him up for rides, but um, listening to how it's done and then actually doing the job, yeah, two very different things. But we're learning.

 Last night, after riding and untacking Scout, before we put him back in the pasture, Carus had him following her as she ran around the arena. He was staying right at her side, just behind her. It was adorable. Scout is a perfect excuse to go to the barn often. I don't even mind the prospect of spending cold evenings in the winter mucking out his stall. Bring it on!

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