18 January 2015

Carus's first show!

We went to Shaggy Days yesterday just planning to watch each event, pick out the ones Carus would like to participate in in the future, and cheer on her 4H clubmates in their events.

And then a friend saw us and asked Carus if she wanted to show her horse J-Lo - just for fun. Carus jumped at the chance.

J-Lo is a beautiful, sweet, easygoing Azteca horse and this was her first show too.  We are totally J-Lo fans, as well as fans of her person, Heather.  Thank you again, Heather, for giving Carus this opportunity!

I am so proud of Carus for just rolling with it.  She wasn't prepared to show, she didn't have a nice show outfit on and she had never worked with J-Lo before; but she stepped up to the challenge and tried and had fun.  She didn't place - which she did find disappointing - but she had fun and is excited to participate in the next show, with Scout this time.  She's determined to have a wall full of ribbons. 

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