18 January 2015

Project 52 - Week 2 - Mirror

Well, the project is still moving slowly.  

I see many mirrors throughout the week.  A mirror to help me get ready for the day.  Mirrors used when driving to make sure it's safe for me to back up or change lanes. The sunset I catch glimpses of in the rear view mirror while driving to the barn.  More mirrors while driving, placed on corners with poor visibility so I can make sure it's safe to turn.  Those same mirrors hanging from the ceiling in the hospital, placed  so those transporting patient's can avoid collisions with others and others can avoid collisions with patients. 

But the only one I managed to photograph was this little mirror in the office at work; brought by a coworker to use to check their hair and makeup. It was placed just so that day that I caught a glimpse of my fingers tap tap tapping away. 

I didn't pick up the camera much this week. This was grabbed with my cell phone. But each week is a new chance and I'll try again.  

I did get a shot of an adorable puppy.

The theme for week 3 is macro

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