15 March 2015

Project 52 - Week 8 - Long Exposure

I need to work on my waterfall photos...

Since it was day time and the sun kept coming out from behind clouds, I wasn't able to do any super long exposures. But I do plan on going back sometime.  This one is the longest at 3 second exposure.

The rest are less than 1 second exposures.  These all were lower little falls leading up to Little Lee Falls which is where I was planning on going. But then I got out there, found out that it was an additional 5 mile hike round trip and realized I wasn't prepared for that long of a hike especially considering I would have stopped along the way to take photos.  

I will go back, and make it to Little Lee Falls.

This is just a pathway I hiked through that I really liked.  Oregon has some beautiful forests.

The access road I started on towards the falls.  I couldn't drive on it. Well, technically I could if I wanted to risk getting locked in there.  I think there is another outlet along that road, but not completely sure and I'd rather not risk it.

I want to go back to this pool this summer.  It was LOVELY and had a little pebble beach.

Hanging moss

This theme was a few weeks ago, and the following theme was laughter and I ended up just skipping that week.  The past week, week 10 is Look Up. 

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