26 February 2015

Project 52 - Week 7 - Negative Space

The theme for week 7 - February 13-19th - was Negative Space.

 I forced the kids to help me with this one a bit and I'm glad I did.  This is my new favorite photo of them.  They were done posing for me and were making faces at me and each other and just generally being their goofy selves while I snapped away.  

I really love Carus's hair.  

Adam's superhero pose.  

 While half the country is still dealing with mounds of snow and wintery winter, spring appears to have come early to us in the other half.  I don't know if we'll have a relapse back into winter like we usually do after the yearly spring tease - but it feels like we won't.  The air has changed from winter to spring so maybe we'll be . . . lucky?  Do you notice a change in the air with the change of the seasons too? Or am I just a weirdo? 

My daffodils and violas are making an appearance.  My Camilla bush is blooming and there are buds on lots of other bushes and trees. I've started working in the garden to get it ready too.  We removed the last of the dead plants, some carrots I forgot to pull, and brought in some soil to level the ground. Robert built me two more garden boxes and we put some yard fabric down which will cover with bark mulch to help with weed control in the aisles this year. I need to get soil for the new beds and fertilizer for the older beds and then I can start planting. Even if I start now and we do have a winter relapse I think the plastic coverings will help keep things growing.  

The fields surrounding town are all green with new growth.  I believe this is a wheat field - but I could be wrong. 

Here is the full picture that previous one was cropped from.  While the cropped and edited version is more true to the negative space rules, I like this one too.  

A field of spring surround by trees of winter. 

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