20 February 2015

Project 52 - week 5 - Hidden

Things have gotten a bit crazy lately - as they are wont to do from time to time - and I'm behind! Let's see, week 5 was January 30th through February 5th and the theme was hidden.

I had grand plans for all sorts of inspired photography with this theme and then it came to the end of the week and I hadn't been able to find inspiration anywhere so I grabbed a few shots and moved on. I can always revisit it later. 

Carus likes to hide Scout's cookies in his grain bowl under hay so he has to search for it.  

At the end of the evening at the barn, the kitties are usually hidden in cozy places for naps and Carus likes to climb to the top of the hay bales to search them out.  Rascal is usually the one she finds and he'll play for a bit before crawling in her lap for purrs and cuddles.  When it's time to go I have to convince her to come down. Threats to leave her behind are met with an enthusiastic OK. 

Trees hidden in shadow with light pollution illuminating them from behind. 

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