03 February 2015

Project 52 - week 4 - Macro again

I branched out away from all eyes this week.  I just have a little macro attachment that I put on my regular lens so these aren't as good as they could be or as good as I necessarily want them to be, but I'm happy with what I have.  For now.  Maybe someday I'll splurge for a really nice macro lens where I can take some of those amazing close up bug shots.  Well, if I also feel the urge to capture and attempt to pose live bugs/just get really close to bugs. (Or do they kill them without squishing before photos?) 


First up - Salt and Sugar.  Or Sugar and Salt.  I can't remember which is which now. Pretty sure it's sugar and then salt.



Broken colored pencil.

Shading stylus.

Unbroken, but dull colored pencils.

Three yarns from my knitting project.

Jade plant leaf.

Avocado leaf.

Avocado leaf.

Avocado roots.

Spider fern leaf.

This week's theme:  Hidden

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