11 September 2015

Brain dump

A friend through the interwebs wrote about dealing with all the things running through her head lately and made a list of a few of the things she's thinking about and it seemed cathartic. And then I commented with a few of mine and it was cathartic so now I'm putting it here so I can glean a few more benefits of getting all that weight off my chest/shoulders/brain.

September is my month for anxiety. I've recognized that it happens, plan for it (cause I have to plan) and try to cope as best as possible but it's a countdown until October.

My brain today:

was it the right decision to keep daughter in online school
am I putting too much pressure on her to allow them to put her in high school level classes in 8th grade
my son is a junior
JUNIOR! 2 more years and you gotta find money to put him in college
he wants to go to oxford - ha!
if he can figure out what he wants to do
at least I have 5 years for sissy and her dreams of stanford
or 4 if she manages to shave a year off her high school career
he still needs to learn to drive
need to go to the barn tonight
moving barns
people will hate me at the old barn
people won't like me at the new barn
no social anxiety for you because it would make daughter's worse
it would be easier to move to our own place with a barn...can't afford that...unless i move too far away to borrow that horse anyways....
robert's surgery is on tuesday
vacation time, hurry up and get here
who am I forgetting to call?
when are they going to do layoffs at work?
are they going to layoff?
have I picked the right 4h group?
what if robert dies in surgery?
what's for dinner because I didn't do the menu again!
i wish I had time to sew...or crochet...or finish knitting that blanket i started 2 years ago
I'd like to write too...but yeah, that's gonna happen
2 years and 5 years until college and it's all tooooooooooo expensive
work potluck tomorrow and i'm expected to bring something...what???
would it be bad to get pizza for dinner so i don't have to think about it anymore
download school photos
share school photos so family doesn't think we fell off the earth
i'd love to see my grandparents for xmas...not happening...
has yoda's ear infection cleared up
timmy looks skinny, is he sick
i should vacuum
who am I forgetting to call?
threat of school shooting (it was caught WELL before anything happened just AJH&R$QW&ERUV@LKSS!DNE%UYR!!)

That cleared things out a bit....

Don't worry about my ramblings, of which this is just a sampling, I know the majority of them will work themselves out how they work themselves out and the rest are normal and there's nothing to worry about.  And hopefully this weekend I'll get those back to school photos up.

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