12 September 2010

Yard project update - Steps and flower bed

Yard redo - progress

The view to the steps.

We originally planned on 3 steps - but that didn't work out so well and with a bit of swearing and a lot more digging and leveling and digging and leveling - a little more swearing - and another trip to buy one more rail road tie, we got 4 steps.

It will be leveled out at the top of the fourth step and a stone patio will go in with a fire pit in the middle.

There will be a small flower bed along the fence in the back and down the side. 

We are replacing the stepping stones going through that gate, or maybe digging those out and resetting them. They have gotten buried a bit and we haven't quite decided what we're doing. We would like all the stepping stones throughout the yard to match. They currently do not.

Yard redo - progress

Since no one will be walking along the fence - and we were really tired of digging - Robert said I could have a little flower bed. Provided nothing I planted got to big and interferred with being able to walk by. I planted two blue sedge grasses and three balloon flower plants. 

I really love them.  Both kinds of plants should make it through winter okay with their tags claiming hardiness down to 0 degrees and below.

Yard redo - progress

Steps from another angle. The little lost looking stone in the middle of that first step will go underneath the crooked one on the end, and then others will be stacked to bring out the wall one more stone - I really hope you understand what I'm trying to explain. If not, I'm sorry.

Of course bark mulch on each step and spread out more to the grass and topping off the flower bed. Also some plants on the steps along the fence and along the retaining wall (kind of encouring people to walk down the middle at the 'safest' point).

We had hoped to have it fully done before fall, but with the kids games and everything else we are running out of time. We need to get some bark mulch to prevent too much erosion over winter and will continue to work here and there.  This project is kicking our butts - but in a good way I guess. Digging up clay dirt is a really good workout! But I will be so happy when it is done and I can sit and enjoy my view with a fire in my firepit.

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