24 September 2010

Games 09-18-2010

I wanted to get this up a lot sooner, but this week has been crazy and when I finally have time to sit down in the evenings to write up a blog post I'm exhausted and don't have the umph to do so.

SOOOO FINALLY I am ignoring the dishes and laundry for a moment and writing.

Have I mentioned it rains in Oregon? 

Well it does. A lot.

I've pretty much made my peace with the rain and have decided to just enjoy our weather, which some people would love to have but don't.  This wet, wet year has been completely testing that resolve.

Even though I'm now going to be okay with all the rain (don't ask me how I feel in the middle of winter in our wetest months), my camera is not.

I was disappointed to see nothing but rain expected for the kids games Saturday and hoped it would just hold off.

It didn't.

I ordered a rain sleeve for my camera, but I had waited until Friday night to order it so of course I didn't have it for Saturday. 
09-18-10 (33)
Adam had two games, one right after the other, and we got through the first game with no rain.  The second game it was lightly sprinkling and I was taking pictures using Robert's waterproof jacket as a cover since our umbrella broke in the move and I hadn't replaced it yet.

Adam is the one with the scrunchy face about to tackle #89.

The first game was tough with the opposing team playing dirty.  They were kicking shins and pulling on face masks.  Adam even took a few punches to his ribs. 

Adam got really fed up with the kid that kept punching him and took him down hard the next couple plays.  The punches stopped. And to prove cheaters never prosper - Adam's team won 18 to 6.

They had about 30 minutes to rest and get something to eat and then it was back on the field for the second game of the day. Our team was tired and this 2nd team was tough and hitting hard, but they held out and the game ended a tie - 0 to 0.

09-18-10 (37)After Adam's game we went home and while Adam showered and changed, Carus got into her soccer stuff and Robert made the kids lunch I ran to Walmart to get an umbrella.  It was now raining steady and I wanted pictures of Carus's game.

I got back just in time to stuff everyone in the car and head for the soccer field.

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, and most of them aren't that great.  It is hard to hold an umbrella and focus the camera.  I should've sucked it up and took the little point and shoot. I just love my camera so much...

I did get this one --->

It was raining, humid, slippery, and their opponents were really good, but it was still a good game. 

They tied this game 4 to 4. 

So that's what we did last Saturday and it's what we will be doing again tomorrow. 

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  1. G G is so proud . You and your teams did a good job.I am glad you like to play in sports. It helps to build character. Good job!


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