06 October 2010

Games 09-25-10

Adam's football game 09-25-2010

09-25-10 (58)

Early morning game - warm up started at 8 - and VERY foggy.  The fog lingered the whole game and there were actually a few points were we couldn't see the boys at the other end of the field. 

09-25-10 (17)

See how far off they look, I'm only about 20-30 yards from them.
09-25-10 (36)

I'm pretty sure we won this game, but I don't remember the score.

The fog cleared up by Carus's game. And we drove into the next town over which I don't think got any fog. It was actually pretty warm.

Games 9-25-10

They won, but it was close. Again I don't remember the score. I need to start doing these posts sooner after the game... I want to say it was 2 to 1 but again.... ugh! 

Games 9-25-10 (11)2

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