15 October 2010

Wednesday games & football picture

There are three other teams in the league and Adam's team has started playing games against them on Wednesday's. But first - posed football picture.

Adam football 2010

Our first interleague game was 09/29/2010 - got some fun sun flare...  Made it hard to see the game though.

09-29-10 (37)

It was 3 touchdowns to 2 - the other team won.  But still fun to watch and they have fun playing. You can't see Adam's number in this picture, but he is almost directly aross from the ball with the long black socks and black sleeves. 
09-29-10 (212)

That's Adam pushing on the other boy. He is number 87, you can sort of see the number... sometimes the easiest way to pick him out is by his socks or shoes or shoe/sock combo.

09-29-10 (21)

Second game was 10/06/2010

10-06-10 Wednesday night game

It was 1 touchdown to 0 - the other team won

10-06-10 Wednesday night game

Stay tuned for games from 10/02/2010 and 10/09/2010 (Adam and Carus) and 10-13-2010 (Adam)

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