07 September 2010

1 more day

One more day until school starts.


But it's gonna be a fun day isn't it!

I need to call the school bus company to see if they are actually going to pick up my kids.  We were supposed to get a postcard in the mail with the route/pick up time/drop off time info but I didn't get one.

I also need to see if I can find out what class Adam is supposed to be in.  They hadn't had a chance to place him last week. Cutting things close aren't we people?!

And by 8 a.m. we already had a case of the shut ups.  They go like this:

"Shut up"

"No, you shut up"



"Just go"


The kids have picked their 1st day of school outfits and I, thankfully, thought far enough ahead to say, "pick them out and have them approved by me."

Carus tried to go with a black and white shirt AND black pants.  Yes kid, I know there will be those phases of all black/goth/depressed - but let's not start them so early.  Mmm'Kay. 

Now she is trying to convince me to finally let her wear the pair of hand-me-down shoes she got 1-1/2 years ago that are still just a smidge too big. And would fall off when she walked.  Unless she walks all weird and careful-like - which is funny to watch, but I can't send her out in public like that. The shoes are better and I've agreed to consider it if she can wear them all day today and not fall on her ass. I've also suggested for her to find her most thickest socks to help with any possible slippage.

Then she brings me a pair of socks - "Are these yours?"  Um, no - those are some of those hand-me-down socks from B*, but they look a little dirty. I can wash them for you.

Carus then puts the socks on my desk.  Yeah kid, cause that's where dirty clothes go.  See if you can go find a nice stinky pair of your pubescent brothers' socks. Also one of his shirts after a day he forgot deodorant.  That helps me work. Thanks.

Adam's first attempt on his 1st day of school outfit - a pair of pants that are really starting to show their age. And by tomorrow will also be highwaters on him. Freakin' kid will not stop growing.  He wants to wear just a plain T-shirt too. Not a nice Polo I forced him to buy (picture day!) or his funny joke T-shirt that he picked out (he has a great sense of humor). Plain is okay though.

Adam now enjoys reminding me several hundred times a day that he is taller than me.  He is. By 1/2-inch. Maybe.  BUT NOT IF I WEAR HEELS! HA! 

Adam also now enjoys being able to say "SHOTGUN" and then actually being able to sit in the front seat (as long as not both Robert and I are in the car. I have permanent shotgun.)  The newfound freedom also being taken advantage of is deciding which music we listen to, which I allowed until he tried to blow my speakers yesterday because the music just wasn't loud enough.

CRAP, I'm old. I told my kid to turn the music down. At least he still likes my music.

Also, did you know, that 12-years-old is the 'I am not a kid' age.  Yeah, I am already hearing "Nah, I don't like that anymore. It's kid stuff."  But yet, he is saving up for a Nerf gun. 

What am I thinking? Nerf guns are awesome! You can shoot someone and it doesn't hurt!

It's all good - his voice is changing and is CONSTANTLY squeaking, which allows for many hours of teasing him.  He is a GREAT sport about it and laughs it off and tries to make it squeak again just to get us to laugh. Like Sunday when he laughed and sounded like Mickey Mouse and I started crying from laughing so hard, he spent an hour trying to do it again. Awesome!

Today, after work, I have 1-1/2 hours to squeeze in:

1.  The cooking and eating of dinner. (It might just be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)
2.  Adam needs a haircut
3.  I need to go to the store (mother nature sucks)
4.  Return library books that are due tomorrow (cause I will forget tomorrow)
5.  Carus's back to school night to find her classroom, lunch room, etc, meet her teachers, drop off school supplies, etc. 
6.  Football practice on time - at 6 pm. It's a scrimmage.

Guess what - it just started P.O.U.R.I.N.G. BRING ON THE MUDDY FOOTBALL GAME! WOOO!  Robert better not bitch about how dirty my car is after today. I will end him.

Is it Wednesday yet?

* B is a friend who is 13 and gives us hand-me-down clothes. She has great, designer-esq clothes and I will save hundreds on outfitting Carus because of it.  She has also hand-me-down'd some training bras to Carus, which she is so very excited about. And I have an embarrassing/funny story about those; not sure if I should share because it will be grounds for her to hate me.  But maybe someday.  It is that good.

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