14 July 2013

Last week

188_365 07-07-13

A shot from my cake smash session last Sunday.  These babies are so stinking adorable!  They loved their cupcakes - and we enjoyed the leftover cupcakes.

189_365 07-08-13

My hosta is blooming.  The leaves aren't looking that great though.  I have a few plant munching bugs this year and I don't use pesticides (because of my plant eating dog) so I just have to deal.  It's not too bad though.

190_365 07-09-13

My dahlias in the front are blooming after taking so long to come up that I thought they didn't survive the winter.

191_365 07-10-13

And my lavender bush is doing AMAZING! I don't think it has a lot of bugs that snack on it though so...

192_365 07-11-13

My neighbor has a garden bed just over the fence full of wildflowers and these ones are tall enough that I can enjoy them over the fence.

193_365 07-12-13

Friday we had a game night and played Blokus, a pretty fun and fairly easy game.  I was red, Adam green, Carus yellow and Robert blue, and because I usually win the game I got ganged up on and lost that round.

194_365 07-13-13

Saturday I canned some spaghetti sauce since we've been out for about 2 months now.

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  1. Awesome babies,they are adorable. Thanks for the blog. Great job. BV


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