02 July 2013

Last days of 7days

Dude, the LeakyCon conference was amazing AH.MAZ.ING. and crazy and busy and exhausting and exhilarating and the absolute greatest. I'm going to work on getting caught up with posts this week and show as many photos as possible. I'm so glad I have this second half of vacation to recover from my first half.

Day 5

me - I made snitch ornaments and boxed a few up for my friends that were coming up for LeakyCon.
177:365 7days5  Snitch ornaments

Carus - her nails all done up for LeakyCon.
7 day day 5

Day 6

me - Got home after a very long first day at LeakyCon and Robert gave me my birthday present cause he sucks at waiting for the actual day. I'm okay with this, mostly. (I get presents early so yay, but don't get presents on my birthday so boo.)
178:365 7days6

Carus -  Carus meeting Professor Snape (Vladimir Snape) for the first time of the weekend.  (Not Alan Rickman, who plays Snape in the movies, but a rather convincing doppelganger and good Snape impersonator.)
06-27-13 (39) Carus 7days, day6

Day 7

me - Oops, I blinked.
Oops, I blinked. #latergram #7days day7 179:365 06-28-13

Photo the result of me screwing around after drinking most of my birthday drink, a blue Hawaiian. (No, I was not drunk, or even tipsy. I was feeling good and happy and goofy.)
Blue Hawaiian, my birthday drink.

Carus - Seen at LeakyCon.  Those people are AWESOME! There were a few of these post-its of "Peeves wuz here" posted throughout the convention center where the conference was held.  Some of the other signs posted around (some for Sherlock and some for Doctor Who) were just as awesome. You'll see those later.*
"Peeves wuz here" #LeakyCon #latergram Carus 7days 7

*If you can't wait for me to get LeakyCon posts up, check out the set on Flickr

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