22 October 2008

Pumpkin Hunting by Adam

Last Saturday, I went to a pumpkin patch with my grandparents to get pumpkins. While we where there we had a free hay ride. Then we got to pet a rooster, 3 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, and got to ride a horse. The name of the horse I rode is Spider. He was completely white. I was nervous at first because I was high off the ground and I'm afraid of heights. Then, after a while, I wasn't nervous at all! The name of the horse my sister rode is Zippy. He's coat is the color of chestnut. There was one other horse, but he looked tired. My pumpkin is round and decent size. It is about 5 pounds. My pumpkin is bright orange, with a stubby stem. I usually look for a medium sized pumpkin with a stubby stem. There was a pumpkin that somebody kicked, and there was one that was the size of me crouched in a ball. I'm going to carve mine into something, but I'm not sure what. (I'm still thinking)

On Sunday, my dad and I started to make my robot costume for Halloween. We got a box and used dryer tubing for the arms and legs. I'm going to have a smaller box for my head with a rectanglar shaped hole so I can see. I'm going to have a small box over my shoes because robots don't wear sneakers. There is going to be a small light on my head with a wire down my back to a button in my hand, so I can switch it on and off. My costume is covered in tin foil. The lights are going to flash different colors. I can't wait for Halloween. I'm so excited.


  1. I hope you post some pictures of your robot costume, I can't wait to see it. It sounds like your pumpkin hunting trip went a lot better than mine. I am glad you have fun.
    Love Auntie April

  2. I am also so excited to see your robot costume! It sounds awesome! I don't get to go pick pumpkins this year because my baby is too tiny! Make sure to take pictures of your carved pumpkin! I am excited to see what you come up with!


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