11 October 2008

There was a penguin that had a crush...

We went to the zoo today - I try to go once every month or two. Nothing special going on. Quite a bit is blocked off and closed. They are remodeling to get ready for the new Africa exhibit next summer where they will have lions again - first time in like 10 years or so - can't wait for that. And they are putting up the lights for zoo lights which should open mid November. That is pretty awesome too. When it is cooler outside the animals are more active. We got to see the bald eagles really close up and we got to see the new baby elephant that is just a few weeks old.

Anyways, we went to check out the penguins today and there was a penguin that was swimming along following Carus back and forth. She would run one way and he was right next to her and then she would flip around real quick and he would too. He didn't want to follow Adam and he didn't want to follow other kids - he liked Carus.



  1. That is so cute! I love that you go to the zoo that much! I love the zoo, it is just so far away and freaking cold in the winter!


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