08 October 2008

The spiders around here are HUGE!

Carus has named him Bob
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I have started putting out Halloween and fall decorations. Carus has named him Bob and he is a new addition - every year I get at least one new decoration per holiday. Poor Carus is terrified of all bugs - real or fake - and she has only pet Bob once and that was with one finger to his hairy leg for just a second.

I have some more ideas and we still have to get our pumpkins - and eventually carve them.

Our real spiders are still pretty big around here and have been making webs like crazy. I'm always walking into one and then I have to do a little dance to make sure there isn't a spider on me and then find someone else to look.

More pics can be seen here:


  1. Super cute! I only ever decorate for Christmas. I guess I should stop leaving out the other holidays! And let Carus know I wouldn't touch it either!

  2. So cute! I used to decorate for every holiday. Now I just do Christmas. Maybe when the kids are little older we'll do more.


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