20 October 2008

Kids updates

We had parent/teacher conferences last week (sorry I'm late about this - been busy and I'm easily distracted). Oooh look - squirrel

Wait, I was doing something....oh yeah!

Carus's new teacher is still getting to know Carus and he feels like she is adjusting to the move well. (more on the move and why there was one in a moment) He asked more insight into her learning style and where I would like her to improve - I would like her confidence in herself to improve. She needs to work on her reading and she needs to go with her gut on some of her answers. He showed the math addition drills that they were doing since it will be coming home as homework soon and when showed two sets of cards (9 and 10 and 2 and 10) Carus was able to add 2 and 10 without hesitation, but she hesitated on the 9 and 10. She paused and was counting to herself on her fingers and came up with 19, so he asked her how she found the answer and she said that she started at 12 and counted up and stopped at 19 (my theory is that she knows the answer with no hesitation, but isn't sure how she is getting the answer and lacks confidence in her answers so tries to prove she knows it....) She is doing great socially and is right on track with her learning. He hasn't had too many problems with her talking because he found out about it early and has kept on top of it.

Now the reason for the move - last week the principal called to let me know that there has been some staffing changes this year because of enrollment. Kindergarten enrollment was higher than expected and 1st grade enrollment was lower than expected. Carus's teacher was pulled and put as a helper to 2 other teachers in the mornings and teaching a 3rd Kindergarten class in the afternoon. 1st and 2nd grades went from 4 classes each to three 1st grade, three 2nd grade, and one 1st/2nd grade mix. Carus was placed in the 1st/2nd grade mix because of her learning style, how quickly she is learning, her personality, and her creativity - which the new teacher is supposedly really big on creativity and art projects.

Adam is doing really well. His teacher says he is very happy and is getting all the support he needs from home (and even thank me for it - made my day!). His reading is still above average, and he is still not allowed to bring Harry Potter books to school. His math is also still above average, but he is having trouble showing the problem solving the way they want him too (they need him to show how he finds the answer and how they want him to find the answer). Mr. K let me know that he needs to work on accepting that he can be wrong sometimes. He has had some trouble in group sharing/learning. His writing also needs LOTS of improvement - something we have been struggling with, but now I'm just cracking down on it more.

And that brings me to the point of this post - to announce that Adam will be making weekly contributions to the blog. He is to write a story every week. I might give him the subject or a book to review, or he might get to make something up. His posts will be every Wednesday.

Carus wanted to join in on this too (her writing is right on track for her age/grade) so her posts will be every Monday. She wanted to be first each week and Adam whined about being told to do it at all.

Her post will be posted shortly (you've probably already seen it).


  1. Cody also told me that I need to start accepting I can be wrong!

  2. You know that is such a great idea. I am looking forward to their blogs. What a good Mom!!!
    I am proud of Adam and Carus...what great kids!

  3. Rebecca it sound like you really keep on top of what the kids do in school and are concerned about their progress. A real good Moma. Why does the school object to the Harry Poter books? They shouldn't object to what he reads unless it is age inapprobrate.

  4. Adam's teacher just requested that he doesn't bring HP to read because he gets REALLY REALLY absorped in them and the teacher can't get his attention or get him to do his work.


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