01 October 2008


I've been the main dinner maker for years and I'm getting a little burned out, so I've enlisted the kids to start helping more. (Robert is supposed to help too, but he doesn't usually need supervision.) The plan is that eventually we will all take turns planning and making meals and give me a break.

Since Adam is the oldest he went first. He made orange chicken, rice, and mini eggrolls and he did awesome. All I had to do was be there 'just in case'. His dinner was so yummy.

Carus isn't quite old enough for me to just direct, so she got to help make chili.

She helped grate cheese, brown the hamburger, dump the cans of tomatoes and beans, and stir it up.

It was very good and she is a great helper.

More pics can be seen here:


  1. I didn't know you had a flicker page! And if you could send one of them to my house to cook I would and I know Cody would appreciate it! I don't cook! If it isn't cold ceral or microwaveable we don't do it!!

  2. Seriously...send them my way when they are done at Emma's house. I love mini egg rolls!

  3. Adam looks so proud! How cute! that orange chicken looks so tasty. I can't wait until my kids can cook. I am an okay cook but I get tired of it.

  4. Tell them babies that gramma is soooooooo proud and they can come cook at my house. I am still burning things in order to encourage Claude to cook. So far it hasn't worked. I wish I had thought of this sooner, instead of letting him think I could cook. (I can, but hate it at this point in my life) It takes time away from quilting.


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