11 March 2009

A story to remember

Last Friday when I was talking to Granny she told me a story that I liked so much I wanted to get it on here so I could remember it forever. I love Granny's stories. They make me smile and laugh and sometimes I want to cry - but in a good way.

Anyhoo - back to my story about Granny's story.

We were talking recipes and she told me of a meal her mother made during the depression.

Granny's Depression Meal

1 medium potato, cubed (per person)
1 slice of bread, cubed (per person)
1 egg (per person)

Brown the potato in a skillet.
Add the bread and brown that.
Add the egg and cook until done.


This is pretty similar to something Robert makes that we call breakfast hash - we don't have bread in ours and we add in cubed ham and top with cheese.

The best part of this story was when Granny told me that this meal chased away a boyfriend. . .

One evening after returning from their night out her boyfriend was hungry so Granny made him this meal, and then she never saw him again.

And she says, "good thing I didn't make it for Gramps."

Yes Granny good thing you didn't make it for Gramps.

Love you!


  1. Yes!! Good thing she did not make it for Gramps. And good thing we got to have green pancakes instead of depression food.

  2. Granny told me that story just the other day! I laughed so hard! I also prefer the green pancakes with sprinkles!

  3. I have never heard that story. :o( I'm going to have to have a talk with Grannie. I too am glad she didn't feed that meal to Gramps. I LOVE my dad.


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