25 March 2009

Spring break - Movie day

Yesterday Carus found some coupons the kids earned from the school winter reading challenge for 2 free games of bowling and free shoe rental so we started out our day with some bowling and a little arcade fun. I'm trying to get the slideshow to attach and right now it isn't cooperating so I will try again tomorrow.

We did watch some movies too. We rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Bolt for the kids and watched them today. I was surprised by the chihuhua movie. I was expecting it to be cheesy with a stupid story and while there were some cheesy points, the story was good and we had some laughs from it.

Bolt was so funny! We all watched that after dinner and laughed, and Carus got scared, and laughed some more. The kids have reloaded their arsenal of movie quotes from both movies and I will be hearing catch phrases for .... until they see the next movie for more quotes.

I was still unable to rent Changeling - it has been all rented out for ages and today it got stuck in the darn redbox machine!

I might eventually just break down, spend $5 and rent from on demand...but for now I have Australia and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2; both movies I've been wanting to see for awhile.

So check back tomorrow or so for the slideshow attached to this post...and of course tomorrows activities will be here too. :)

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  1. Clark and I loved Bolt...he loves the talking cat. Before I left to Utah he watched it like 8 times.

    I loved the movie Australia. I made Jason shell out $31 to buy it for me on blu-ray. That little boy in the move just breaks my heart he is so cute.

    Looks like you guys are having a fun spring break in.


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