05 March 2009

Book club

A friend of mine, Crystal, started a book club and we had our first 'meeting' last night at Starbucks.

I drank a white chocolate mocha at 8 pm (closer to 9 when I finished) and talked and laughed with other woman! I know, its amazing, me getting out of the house and all . . . WHAAAT!
And the caffeine only kept me wide awake until I curled up in bed and tried to watch Heroes - then I got sleepy. Stupid body, I'm not tired I wanna watch my show.

Oh and then we went and wandered around Barnes & Nobles, since it was attached to the Starbucks - convenient right - looking for the book we decided we will be reading first and looking for other books on our To-Read list.

Oh yea, the book we're reading this go 'round is Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. Click here for all that Amazon has on the book. Or here. Or maybe here.
Isn't that THE GREATEST NAME EVER! Both for the title and the author. It just works so well together. I've been reassured that it is not 'that kind' of book.
Robert's reaction when I told him the name was great. He thought I was making a joke or something. hehehe - I said 'weenie'
Since I have to be on a budget and I wasn't feeling the price on the book at B&N ($19) we headed over to Target to see if it was any was ($13)
BUT I knew I could get it cheaper so I rang Robert and he quickly found it on Ebay for $1 with $4 shipping - ONLY $5! Or $8 if I wanna go with a new copy - I think I will splurg since I would like to not get halfway through the book and found a page splooged on or missing, or something.
That reminds me, I need to put that order through...
Anyways! We won't be meeting at Starbucks anymore since someone was able to get the clubhouse at an apartment complex and we will bring snacks and drinks. YAY I can bake again! (I got 'grounded' from baking 'cause Robert likes it too much)
We meet every other Wednesday at 8 pm to discuss a few chapters at a time.
Wanna read along?
Any suggestions for future books?

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  1. Fun! I have been thinking of starting up one here...but haven't found the nerves yet.
    I'll add the book to my list and read along...


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