22 February 2009

Just because science project

What happens when you take a soda bottle, put some water in it and then pump air into it?

You make a rocket that will attrack kids from all over the neighborhood in seconds!

I took lots of pics so I used a slide show...see below for a story and video.

Robert put one together really quick with just a piece of 2x4, foot pump, pressure guage, rubber stopper thingy (like my name for it), empty soda bottle and a 'key'. The key was a piece of metal with rope/string tied to it that kept the bottle from shooting up before they had enough pressure pumped into it.

Carus was home first so he took her outside, filled up a bottle about 1/3 of the way, put it on the rubber stopper thing and put the key in place. Then he started pumping it up to around 40 psi and then pulled the key. The bottle shot up in the air and Robert was surrounded in seconds.

Kids from all over the neighborhood surrounded them saying 'that was awesome' and 'can I try?' Robert shot it off a few more times and then came in for a little break and to find more bottles. And he also made a rocket top for one of them.

By the time he was finished with that Adam was home from choir and he joined the group of kids - Robert included - and they took turns pumping up the air, refilling the bottles, and pulling the key. The moment the rocket was up in the air they were running around trying to catch it.

And then they were back trying to be the next to shoot it off. Look I got video - sorry it is sideways, don't know how to turn that around...

While they were standing around waiting their turn I overheard one of the older boys - prolly 5th grade - saying, "its good to know that we can have a good time in this economy." Isn't it great what kinds of things kids say.

Oh, and one of the pics in the slide is of the rocket top bottle that got stuck in the tree. I'm not sure how well you can see it there, but it is also over on flickr. There was also a bottle that landed on our roof, but it rolled off and didn't get stuck.

See kids, science is fun

and can make you the most popular dad on the block!

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