22 March 2009

Adam's Progress Report

Adam's progress report was full of S's (satisfactory) and M's (meeting expectations) with a few E's (exceeding) with his areas of highest marks in reading and mathematics and the areas of lowest marks in organization (sorry Adam, that is my fault), writing legibly, and speaking out-of-turn.

The following are the notes from the teacher:

" Adam has been developing his skills in sharing his thinking and putting forth his best effort, which comes much closer to reflecting his true abilities. It has been a pleasure to see Adam growing in these areas. He is also working on being able to control his shout outs with only one reminder. It is a pleasure having Adam's outstanding ability to see deeper meanings and humor in our work.
Adam continues to do well in learning new math content. He could still use practice in verifying his work, whihc he has made improvement in, as well as writing down his strategies in problem solving. He recently took the state math test. A score of 212 meets state expectations for 4th grade. Adam scored 236.
At this point in the year, fourth grade students are expected to read at a level 40 fiction on the DRA. Adam is reading at a level 50. Adam recently took the state reading test. A score of 211 meets state expectations for 4th grade. Adam scored 229. Fourth grade expectations for reading fluency are 115-140 words per minute with correct intonation and expression. Adam is reading 164 words per minute. Adam is really trying to share his best understanding, which is helping him to continue to achieve. I hope that Adam continues to put forth effort into his complete sharing of understandings."

We are so proud of him and have grand dreams of all that he will be able to accomplish in his life. I am so excited for him becoming a young adult/teenager - minus the additude problems that come with teenagers - and an adult. And I'm excited to see where he goes from here.

Coming at another time, when we get it, Carus's progress report.


  1. We are also proud of you Adam and pray you will be able to reach great heights in your future. Granny and Gramps love you.

  2. Great job, Adam. Keep up the good work!

  3. Super Awesome Adam.
    It must be so rewarding as a mother to get such a great progress report. You are such a great Mom.


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