11 March 2009

I might have issues

I have an obsession. Well actually I have multiple obsessions, but I'm only referring to one of my obsessions right now.
This one teensy tiny (okay, not so small) obsession is really cute shoes.

I LOVE really cute shoes. I dream about them. I do. I really really do.
When watching TV shows, commercials and movies I see all the cute shoes. They could be shown for half a second and I will see them, and want them. And I will tap Robert on the arm (or if they are really cute I actually smack him HARD, very hard, on the leg) and say 'did you see those shoes!' I have even been known to make him rewind and pause just to point out the really cute shoes!
If I come into a room clutching a magazine, or store add, or something, he will look at me go "NO" and roll his eyes, because he knows that I'm just going to show him a pair of shoes I just have to have.
There are Manolo's and Jimmy Choos that I love and would accept if given to me for free (and would sleep with them and take them everywhere) but with most of those I can't get past the price - that's my rent. . . for 2 months! Or a trip to Hawaii (for just me) - just can't do it.

But the everyday brands are what I truly love. 'Cause technically they are within my budget. I could actually buy them and wear them and love them and squeeze them and hug them and call them George. And not have to file bankruptcy to own them.
Yesterday I was going through the coupons we got in the mail (Tuesday is coupon day) and I found this flyer. And I ooohhed and aaahhed over the first page and these shoes in black. Oh so cute.

And then I turned the page and I made a squeeking sound 'cause I saw these. - yes I squeeked.


Every season I have a pair of shoes that I drool over and dream about and these - my spring/summer sandles - are them right now!
I did dream about these last night. I really did. It was a good dream. And then I woke up and looked at my feet, and was disappointed that they didn't magically appear on them.
And I looked them up online today and stared and drooled and pouted.
Even though the price is good for a pair Madden Girl (on sale from $54.99 to $44.99) and I have a coupon for another 20% off of that! Alas, I cannot afford them.
Stupid recession!


  1. I understand, I had to give up my shoes to have a baby. I still have tell myself it was worth it every time we leave the mall! My most expensive shoes were on sale for 80$, but I had to have them. They don't even really fit (I bought them before I learned how to buy the right size in heals!)But I can not give them up! They are so beautiful. And I even hoped that my feet would get bigger with Reese so they would fit better. No such luck! Alas I feel your shoe pain! Cody said I could have the shoes I wanted for summer this year, but I just felt to guilty to buy them. Flip flops are good enough!

  2. The thing I drool over are plants, plants and more plants; especially the ones that bloom. I'm really into Orchids and African Violets at the moment. I also love books. They always call to me when I walk by them in the store. Uncle Len has to head me off at the pass. :o)


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