21 March 2009

Spring Break plans

The kids are officially on spring break, and spring is here (knock on wood).

The weather has improved and most of the day you can go out without sweaters, and sun glasses are a good idea to have when driving. The other day I was able to sit on my porch in the sun and read - and actually get a little warm (black pants). It was nice. We have trees budding, tulips and daffodils poking up out of the ground and pansies blooming like crazy. Winter has been a little too long and hard this year (for Oregon). And to think we had snow 2 weeks ago. Yes it was a dusting and yes it didn't last, but it was cold and in the 30s and 40s and now we are in the 60s and it is great.

We have even been able to open the windows and air out the house a bit!

I am working Monday and Tuesday, but then I am off for the rest of spring break for a mini 'staycation' with the kids. I made plans for the kids and I to have some fun and actually get out of the house. (Robert is going to be at work so he won't be able to join us.)

Wednesday is movie day. We will either go to Valley Theatre (the cheap place at $4/person) or rent a few movies, have some popcorn, and some red vines. If we rent I'm leaning towards Bolt and Madagascar 2 - and I don't know what Valley is playing right now so we'll see. EDIT: Valley is cheap because it shows movies that are no longer in the main theaters.

Thursday is garden day. If I can get the cultural pass from the library to the Japanese Garden we will be going there. The cultural pass allows free entrance to some museums, gardens, and the zoo. But it is on a first come, first gets it thing so I don't know if we will get it. If we can't then we will just be going to the rose garden. Hopefully we will see some blooming roses too - still a tad early, but I have seen a few blooming roses around here. We are going to pack up our water color paints, colored pencils, camera, crayons, paper, and of course a little picnic lunch and make it an art trip.

Friday is zoo day. We have a membership to the zoo (BEST $94 I spent last year - paid for itself in 2 visits) and we go a lot since it is free admission for us plus 1 or 2 guests - and we get other freebies and discounts. It will be crazy busy, but we always have a good time. We will pack our lunch and get to eat on their wide open lawn close to the baby elephant. We are curious about some changes lately since they have been getting ready for the new African exhibit they open this summer including bringing back lions to the Oregon Zoo. (Bringing Back the Roar)

Saturday is beach day. Or that is what I'm hoping for. Gotta review the budget and make sure we have enough for gas to and from the beach AND for the next week. It looks good, I don't do a lot of driving during the week - or at all in general, which is a good thing. If we go we will be packing our lunch again and hang out on the beach, walking on the beach, wading in the water a tad (it is always really cold unless it is 100* out) and maybe check out the lighthouse in Newport. I would love to go to the aquarium, but admission is expensive! For what they charge I wanna pet a dolphin or something. If we're lucky we will find enough to do that. I do get a 10% discount from work so it might happen. *crossing fingers*

Anyways them there is our plans for the next week...stay tuned for pics and such.

Oh, and we got the kids' progress reports yesterday. Well, actually just Adam's. Carus says she forgot hers at school. I might check her backpack tomorrow to be sure. I will post the note Adam's teacher sent with his progress report tomorrow or Monday - and Carus's when I get it or find it.

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