04 April 2009

Carus's progress report

Carus's progress report is also full of S's and M's with her strengths in math and writing. She writes stories all day long. She writes books and illustrates them from stacks of printer paper stapled together. And her handwriting is so neat and careful - most times more legible than Adam's who is always in a rush.

Notes from the teacher:

"Carus is enthusiastic about learning, but continues to struggle with listening during instruction time, and has needed frequent remnders to stay focused. She seems unable to control her talking, and is having difficulty concentrating on her work and following directions. Carus is easily distracted by other students, and distracts them from their work as well. She has moved up two levels in reading, but needs to move up three more by the end of the year to be at benchmark level. While reading, she seems unsure what to do when she gets to an unfamiliar word, and forgets to use the strategies we've been working on.

Carus shines in math! She has good, strong number sense and awareness. She shows interest in the social studies and science subjects also.

When she writes, she is careful and accurate. She has great potential as an author.

Good listening skills would be helpful in P.E. and Music class.

I'm hopeful that Carus will be able to improve her work habits this trimester. She is such a joyful learner, and she's pround when she does a good job."

We are so proud of her. The difficulty with talking has been something both the kids have to overcome. Adam's 1st grade progress reports were just the same, and his 2nd, and 3rd... Carus is very stubborn and will constantly test her limits. If she is given an inch she will try to take a mile - always has been that way and it will help her a lot as an adult, but has me nervous about the teenage years.

I've told her before that she could grow up to be an author and she always says, "I want to be an artist and maybe illustrate books." I see her writing children's books about puppies and kittens and all things cute. And Robert calls her his little engineer because of her strengths in math, problem solving, and puzzles. I am trying to be a better example confidence wise (unfortunately I have seen my lack of self confidences mirrored in her) and hope that will help.

She has grown up SO much this year. I am so excited to see where she is off to next.

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