04 April 2009

Box tops for schools

See these? Them things right there are box tops. They are little coupons found on lots of boxes of products you buy and use regularly. They are found on boxes and bags of cereal, crackers, rice, juice, instant potatoes, and even toilet paper packaging. Lots and lots of packages have them - you might even have some in your cubboards and pantries right now.

Well, if you do have a product with one of these little coupons on it, cut out the coupon. It doesn't take long. Sometimes I just rip off the whole corner and trim a bunch of them at once later on. Take these little coupons and send it with your kids, the neighbor kids, your nieces and nephews, grandkids - any kid (that you know, no creepy behavior now) to school. The school turns them in and are reimbursed 10 cents per coupon. Some schools (like ours) actually have contests to see which class can bring in the most box tops, and that class wins extra time at recess.

With the state our school system is in every teeny tiny bit helps. It pays for books, programs, teachers, and/or after-school activities. It helps educate our kids. Those kids that will grow up and take care of you in your old age. I don't know about you, but I need them to have good jobs to help pay for social security when I retire - so I can retire. And when I am really really really old, and bedridden, and need someone to wipe my butt or turn me to keep me from getting any sores, or read to me 'cause I'm blind as a bat, or just keep me company - I want them to be smart. I want them to hold a conversation.

And if you do not happen know any kids to send your box tops to school with - drop me an email and I'll give you my address and send them with my kids.

Oh, and schools do still collect Campbell's soup can labels for money too. I just don't have pics of those because we rarely, if ever, buy Campbell's soup - it is just SOOOO much cheaper to buy generic. I don't know how much they get back for those; probably something similar to the box tops. You can also send those to me if you want to/need to.

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