05 April 2009

Meet Angel

Adam had been saving up for a lizard. He wanted a reptile because they are so cool. I agree, they are cool. But they are expensive. The things they need to keep comfortable and alive are expensive and they are difficult to take care of all together. And you can't play with them. You rarely get to even touch them and if you do touch them you could get them really sick.

Adam originally wanted a rat. He saw a special on Animal Planet about how smart they are and what you can train them to do and Adam wanted one. But Robert said no. He isn't a huge rodent person. And didn't have a good experience with a friend's pet rat growing up. Another reason why Adam settled on a lizard.

But I was concerned about the lizard. Adam loved holding and petting and playing with Justin. You can't play with and hold a lizard too much. And I worked on Robert, and Justin and his cuteness helped. And they both finally landed on a rat.

Adam had already saved up enough to get a rat and accessories needed and so we ended spring break heading to the pet store and getting a rat for Adam.

We went through the naming game and Adam wanted Rattatouille - Ratta - what's the name of the rat in Charlotte's web, no that don't work. Its a boy's name....finally he settled on a girl name I suggested - Angel (I still like Susie Q though).

Meet Angel. She is a little nervous around people still, but we are working on that. Simba is very interested in her cage too. Just as much as Justin's. They are in the exact same cage - just different smells. (Side note: Justin got out of his cage one night - not sure how - and Carus was woken up by Simba chasing him around her room. Terrified her greatly. The poor thing was so shaken up and cried for ages. We have put a lock on the door and so far so good.)

Angel likes carrots and apples, and likes to be held close in a little ball. Adam has plans of what he wants to teach her to do, and has checked out a book from the library on how to train a rat.


  1. Too cute! I always worry they will get away! Although I had tons of mice/rabbits/hamsters/guinea pigs/ect growing up.

  2. I used to have a couple pet rats. They actually make great pets! I had to get rid of mine though cause it turns out I was allergic to them. Whenever I would hold or pet them I would break out in a rash.

    Also, what is tea bagging?


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