21 April 2009

Bowling Movie

So thanks to the movies April posted that Jason made I found out about Windows Movie Maker - and YAY I had it on my computer. I was just wanting to take the 2 videos I got of the kids bowling over spring break and combine them into one, but I kept adding onto it and made my own little movie!

OH, and the best part is...

I know how to rotate the videos now! HUZZAH! No more watching them sideways.

Enjoy :)

Okay, so after many many many attempts to get the video to load and many many many attempts to try to contact support (like the little pop-up said to do) to no avail (there is no support email address) I am just uploading it to dropshots. You can find it here.

Also, I uploaded this recent video of us helping Yoda bug Simba, but he didn't put up wiht it for long.

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