02 April 2009

Spring Break - Zoo Day

Yea yea yea, I'm slow and got distracted....ooh, squirrel....wait, oh yea - um where was I...

Friday was zoo day. It was cool and a bit drizzly, but we packed up the backpack with lunch, and umbrellas and grabbed our sweaters and drove to the max station to catch the max. When going to the garden the day before, which is just past the zoo, I noticed how rather busy and the zoo parking lot was VERY VERY full so that is why we took the max. No worries about traffic. No worries about finding a parking spot. No worries about trying to get back out of said parking spot because when you go to leave you find you have been sandwiched in real good by a mini van and a suburban both parking over the line - yea it has happened before.
Our neighbor Bradley joined us. He is so sweet and well behaved.

Nice relaxing ride on the max. The zoo stop for the max is under ground and you ride an elevator up 300-some-odd feet in like 10-15 seconds.
Carus's little friend came back. We found out he likes pink. He didn't like her purple sweater sleeves, but followed her pink hat back and forth.

This is in the elephant museum. It is an elephant tricycle used by circus elephants.
We love the zoo. Our membership has paid for itself over and over and over. Speaking of a zoo trip - now that it is FINALLY starting to warm up I have to start planning the next trip.

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