11 September 2009

Football update

The first football game is tomorrow. Adam is excited and while he still doesn't like practice, he is really psyched up when we leave. Practice has been cut back to 3 nights a week instead of the 5 and I've been staying home to make dinner and do some chores.

The other night he was added to a special team (punt running team) something or other in addition to his main position (defense linebacker?) - dude, do not quote me on any sport mumble jumble cause that is eactly what it is. All I know is that he tackles the other team. I'm hoping by the end of the season I will have a better grasp on the darn game.

Bruises! Adam's bruises that he got in the first few weeks of practice are fading and he is toughening up and hasn't been complaining as much.

Carus insisted on helping to point out the bruises, they don't need it though. She just likes having her picture taken. Any excuse to be in front of a camera. Look at the top of his arm there - finger like bruises, yup they grab each other that hard. . .

Looks suspiciously like a shoe print huh, should've seen it in person. It was a shoe print. You could even make out the ridges from the shoe.

Talking with another parent shortly after the season started:

I say, "The bruises are bad."
She says, "Yea I know, we get looks and then I have to say - football practice."

Later I was relating it to Robert and I add in, "...and I don't leave marks."

Robert, "Did you say that?" (with a look of awe on his face - why does it surprise him when I'm funny. I'm funny dammit! Laugh! I said LAUGH!)
I rarely have the great comebacks when I need them. It would have been great. But then she would have believed me, given me the stink eye and then called CPS.


  1. Wow! Those look painful, especially that hand print! Good luck to Adam at the game!!

  2. Good job Adam.GG is proud of you for trying so hard.


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