08 September 2009

First day of school 2009

A&C 1st day 2009
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Here is one of the quick pictures I got as we rushed out for school this morning. We still have to work on getting our morning routine running nice and smooth. There are a few more over on Flickr.

Traffic up at the school was crazy and it took to long to find a parking spot, but once we did it didn't take long to get the kids in their classrooms.

Carus seemed a little nervous, but she wasn't saying anything. She was very quiet and didn't run up to anyone she knew, which is not like her. I noticed several of her friends in her class so I'm sure she was just fine.

Adam is very happy about his teacher from last year getting to move up with him and I believe most of Mr. K's class stayed with him. Adam looked completely ready.

I'm excited to hear about their day when they get home.

It is so very quiet around here.

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