12 February 2012

42:366 and 43:366 - Kittens (not mine) and a Pug

My neighbor found some stray kittens this last week and after a couple days of feeding them she was able to coax them into a carrier and then brought them home.

02-11-12 (3) copy

They are very thin kitties, but seem healthy otherwise (per her vet).  After a bath to remove the vegetable oil they were coated in, they are pretty fluffy too. (And now also smell better.) They are very friendly and loving. I was tempted to stick them in my pocket and bring them home.  They would have fit.

02-11-12 (9) copy

I believe she is naming the orange one Roxy (a girl), and the black and white one Zag (a boy)(who has a little zag on the tip of his tail).

Don't they have AMAZING EYES!!! I hope I can snap a few more pictures of them. I am just in love with those eyes.

42_366 02-11-12 copy

43:366 - Poda soda Yoda pug

43_366 02-12-12 copy

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  1. So cute kitties, Its horrible that they are strays, Glad to hear someone cares enough to help them. This world is full of "Good for Nothing people"!! Like i always say, "The more people i meet" The more i like my dogs"!! Maybe this is alittle harsh, But we all need to step it up and care more, Not just about all the stray animals, but about each other too. Thanks B.V.


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