05 February 2012

Weekend 366 and project update

35:366 - Saturday - A friend and I are doing a mystery quilt project with a local quilt shop (The Quilted Hill) and we headed out to Joann's to pick up fabric for the project and then out to the shop to get our first clue.  I've never done a mystery quilt before and I'm pretty excited about it.  A mystery quilt is a quilt pattern written in steps and revealed one part at a time to hide the final appearance of the finished quilt. 35_366 02-04-12

36:366 - Sunday - The fabric I'm using and the cutting for the first clue done.  I have the rest of the month to do the piecing which should be great for my procrastination issue.
36_366 02-05-12

In other news, Robert got up the trim on the test window yesterday.  He's not sure about it, but I like it.  It's not finished, it needs painting (and will be painted in white).

The trim before:
02-04-12 034

The trim after:
02-04-12 033

What do you think?


  1. Very nice new trim, It gives that window accent and balance. It brightens up the wall. Keep it going Robert!!. Really "What a big difference". White goes with everything. It looks clean and fresh. It can be kept white too with a little bleach and water when needed. Way to go!! B.V.

  2. The trim looks lighter and adds more interest to the room. Mystery quilts are way fun. I like the landscape picture a lot. You have a good eye for balance.


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