09 February 2012

40:366 Running with Leia

Let's go for a run with Leia. (Or more aptly, let's watch Leia run around the back yard.)

She's already been bouncing around.
02-09-12 006

She laughs at your attempt to keep up with her.
02-09-12 016

The tongue is coming out, she must be getting tired.
02-09-12 018

Hey Leia, are you done running?
02-09-12 024

"Pssha," she says.  Of course she's not. (40:366)
40_366 02-09-12

Watch out or she'll run you over!
02-09-12 030

Maybe she's trying to get enough speed up to fly...
02-09-12 031

All done.... for now.
02-09-12 008

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  1. Hey these are great pictures! She's a wonder dog!! B.V.


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