23 February 2012

Not that it hasn't been fun, but uh, it hasn't been fun

Yesterday was long and I didn't get around to uploading this photo.  Carus and I went for a little walk with the dogs around the yard and got some sun.  It was very nice.

53_366 02-22-12

But if yesterday was long and exhausting, it was still nothing compared to today. Yesterday was just one of those days that never ended.  Today it was one problem after another.

Adam missed the bus this morning and I took him to school.  This isn't really a bad thing, I don't mind doing it. But doing it runs the risk of me getting back to be at work on time.  I wouldn't be super late, but I'd be late and it's not good.  I've figured out a route that helps me make the trip to and from Adam's school in about 25 minutes - which got me home today 5 minutes before I had to clock in. Problem saved.

I got home in time to find that my work computer decided to not load my profile, which isn't horrible and I can still work around it.  It is just annoying and frustrating and a precursor to it crashing again (I've had this problem already before, so I know the drill). I did get it to load and started to work.  I called IT to get it fixed since it crashing means I could be without a work computer for up to two weeks while they build me a new one.  Not fun. IT called, they fixed it, but then all the settings and little things I have to help me work more efficiently were no longer there and getting them all set up took forever and yada yada. Not fun.

And then AND THEN! I think I'm finally able to get back to actually working and find my headphones aren't working. I did get them working and did get a little bit of work done today.

It could have been worse, I know. But it sucked and I was really done with the day pretty early on.

After work, I took the dogs for a walk with Geneva, which was nice.  It started sprinkling right as we got back, but the sun was still out opposite the rain clouds so I went out looking for a rainbow - this was the best view of it.

54_366 02-23-12

Thank God, tomorrow is Friday.

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