25 February 2012

55 and 56:366

55_366 02-24-12

A couple of weeks ago, Carus started complaining about her eyesight being a little blurry far away.  I made an appointment to get her eyes checked, and then I hemmed and hawed about her needing it because she seemed to be able to see okay except for the clock all the way across the room (which is small numbers so...??).  She got her eyes checked and was given a very light prescription.  Just a little bit more and she probably wouldn't have needed glasses at all. But she did, and if my eyesight and Adam's eyesight is any indication, she is going to need glasses for life (and maybe eventually contacts)(or if and when she decides to get Lasix as an adult).

We are fans of America's Best for their great service and prices. The only complaint is you have to wait for glasses and sometimes wait for contacts. (Except when you go in and they are all oh, we just ran out of boxes of your contacts and I'm all, but I need contacts, I'm going to Hawaii, and they're all here have 3 pairs of our free samples and I'm all SCORE!)

Anyways, we got her glasses picked out and ordered (two pairs, cause it is cheaper then getting just one pair) and waited for them to come in.  Today we picked them up.

56:366 - I love them!
56_366 02-25-12

When we went in for Carus's exam we took a pair of Adam's that were broken to get them fixed.  They couldn't fix them, and then we found out it how long it had been since his last exam (where does the time go!) so he got a check up and new glasses too. Adam has had glasses for a few years so it's not new for him, but this style is just a little bit different than what he has had.  I love it too!
02-25-12 (32) copy

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  1. They look so good with there new glasses. I think glasses make a person look sophisticated! LOL Also smarter too. "What a pair of great looking kids". B.V.


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