22 July 2012

Good dog

Leia usually starts out the night sleeping next to our bed on the dog bed next to Yoda, or sprawled out on the bathroom floor, and then she moves off to her dog bed next to my desk in the office or the couch in the living room.  The office dog bed is in direct view of the front door.

One time she woke the house barking like mad and when I went out to see why I found her barking at a dish towel that was sitting on the coffee table.

The other night I was woken at 3 a.m by frantic barking coming from Leia and the living room.  Yoda popped up and ran out there to join in the barking and I stumbled after him.  I found Leia barking at the front door.  

It wasn't her "I just saw a cat" bark. 

And it wasn't her "oh no that __fill in the blank___ is going to eat me, save me!" bark (which she uses for aforementioned dish towels and plant leaves blowing in the wind).

It was her "there's a bad guy and he better watch out" bark.

It freaked me the frick out.  I peaked out windows, but saw nothing. No one running away or driving away. Nothing.  It was quiet.  

Now granted, she could have seen a cat peaking in the little window by the door, or a shadow crossed it and she just barely saw it and/or was half asleep.  

But whatever it was, it was reassuring that I have an alarm. I was able to check the windows and doors, and go back to bed.

205_366 07-22-12

Good dog.

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  1. I've only had that happen once, and yes, it is a VERY reassuring feeling knowing our canine companions have our back. I was in college and the dude that had just robbed the convenience store across the street was hiding in the bushes beneath my apartment window. He ran off when he heard my Rottweiler's booming bark thru the glass. Guuuud Girl!


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