26 July 2012


... and yard and garden update, cause that's interesting to more than just me...meh, it's my blog so you have to suffer through!!  Muahahahaha!  (That's like one of those evil cartoon character laughs, by the way.)

ANYHOO! (Hi, Aunt Pam!)

On ward and up ward.

Walking the yard with the puggy dog.
208_366 07-25-12

We've FINALLY finished putting in the new bark mulch. This has been like the second hottest week we've had all summer and of course we're working outside, after work, on the non-shady part of the yard.  We did one load a day for 4 days, which I suppose is better than 4 loads in one day.  Maybe.

Yard before.  All dirt (stoopid stoopid clay dirt)(I spelled stupid like stoopid on purpose. Say stoopid out load - more emphasis on the "oo" sound in stupid then when it's just stupid. See.  Extra stupid.)

07-23-12 (4)

Yard after!

07-25-12 (1)

Before :(

07-23-12 (5)

After! :)

07-25-12 (3)

Now for garden updates!

The peas have stopped coming in. And are covered in little grasshopper like bugs.  They don't appear to be eating any of the plants so I'm not convinced they're bad bugs. I think I'll pull them out and allow the cucumbers to take over their space cause the 4 plants that are doing great are DOING GREAT!

The other two, as well as the zucchini and squash are still fighting stoopid powdery mildew.  I've moved onto homemade solutions to get rid of it because I still do not want bad bad chemicals!! It's helped, but not fixed it. Yet.

We have volunteer carrots popping up all over the place.  I have NO idea how they got there cause I didn't plant them, but whatevs. I'll get like 5 carrots.
07-25-12 (5)

Some squirrel(s) have planted some peanuts in our yard and we keep pulling up the starts.  I've allowed one planted in my garden to stay, and transplanted one from elsewhere in the yard to the garden.  They aren't doing much, and I doubt they will, but its like free plants so I'm cool with it.

I think I'm allergic to the straw, which doesn't bode well for me if we use it again next year.  I only get a little itchy where I touch it and break out with teeny tiny water blisters on my hands.  Or I'm allergic to something else and I don't realize it - either way, I'm not bugged enough by things to worry about it.

The potato tower!  I really hope lots of potatoes are growing in there.  Really, I do.  My neighbors' potatoes have flowered already. But she didn't plant hers this year; she apparently missed some last year. There is still plenty of time for things to get crazy up in there.
07-25-12 (4)

Sooo, out of curiosity. Who is reading my blog? Wanna leave me a comment so I can see how awesome you are?


  1. I read your blog! You need to have regular posts about your garden AND your quilting. See, if you have to post regularly about the quilt, then you'll have to set aside time to do it. If you have to set aside time, it might as well be a quilting date, right? See where I'm going? :-D

  2. The yard looks great, i like the before and after pictures of the Bark stuff. I think you guys have worked so hard in the yard getting it ready and making it much nicer, Thats not Stoopid either He He he!!! Thanks for sharing. Im awesome too huh?? B.V.


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