09 July 2012

Still no broken bones

Adam and Carus floating on the river (really a creek).

Sunday afternoon we went out to Robert's coworkers house to cool off and BBQ.  They don't live far from us and they have a creek running through their property, which was a welcome escape from our little heat wave.  Summer has finally arrived and it got up to the high 80s, low 90s Sunday. And yeah, I know that's nothing for most of you, but it's enough excuse for us to go cool off.
191_366 07-08-12

We even had a little fire on the water.
07-08-12 (3)
On my lunch break today I went out to the garden to check on things. And I slipped on some mud and fell.  My butt is okay, but the hand I put out to catch my fall was not.  The wrist, and especially the pad of my thumb hurt like a bitch and I became a whiny baby.

I ended up waiting until Robert got home to take me to get an x-ray because with the Monday I was having, I would not have been surprised if I had gotten in an accident if I tried to drive myself.

I didn't break it; and I'm feeling a little jipped.  With this much pain I expect a broken bone. I might have bones of steel or something.  With how much I fall or walk into things, how have I not broken a bone???

In related news, its hard to type one-handed.

192_366 09-09-12
*This photo was taken with my phone and processed with Instagram.

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