10 August 2009

Let's get ready for some....



Today is Adam's first day of football practice. Today is the HARDEST day he will have.

We've heard stories.

We've been warned.

We are excited (and I'm a little nervous for him) but we are ready to go!

The first day of practice is hard because they run the them and run them and run them some more. We've heard they have kids puking from all the exercise. But they have to be strong for the games.

At the parents meeting last week we were warned that the coaches yell at the boys and the president doesn't want any moms coming to him whining "but he's yelling at my baby". Its time to let your boys grow up. I am determined to not be that mom. I will not embarrass him. Or Robert. I will let him grow up and I will not cry - in public.

Holy crap! Adam is almost 11. This is his last year of elementary school. He is a preteen and is beginning puberty. He is in tackle football this year, and he isn't small so he will be doing tackling and will be tackled. What happened to my beebo, my Adamhead, my baby boy. Yeah, don't tell him I said all those mushy embarrassing things on the internet. Don't tell Robert either.

Pictures to come tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. Wow! Exciting!! They do grow up so fast. Lots of luck from Autie April...well I know I am not his Auntie but still. Have Fun!


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