28 August 2009

Do math

First watch this little video

Do math. That's what I thought of when I saw this video. I hope they did math before trying that!

Robert says it looks fun and he wants to do it - sure hunny, just make sure you have life insurance first. And lots of it. My new trophy husband needs a Porche.

* * * * * * * * * *

In other news, things that also made me laugh and choke on my drink or laugh and nearly - I said NEARLY- piss my pants this week, in no particular order:

1. Dooce and her post on her washing machine troubles. As well as probably 20 of her other posts that are just downright HILARIOUS!

2. Adam getting Carus to smell his stinky-been-wearing-to-practice-all-week Under Armour shirt which caused her to back into the doorknob (not the funny part) and then tried to whine to me that her brother made her back into the doorknob and I laughed and then she cried (again, not the funny part). Holy run-on sentence Batman! Anyways, she now knows (I hope) that you don't smell everything someone hands to you and says 'smell' - I hope.

3. Adam laughing his head off for a good solid 5 minutes because Robert tossed some almonds and pecans at him and said, "Put moms nuts in the freezer." hehe - Yea, I share the immature sense-of-humor Adam, Robert and most other males have. And because of this I get to laugh a lot! Yay for us passing immature humor and smart ass-ness off to our kids. Its great to laugh.

4. Dimitri and his total hotness loving on the elegant woman Olga (did I finally spell elegant right? I hope so).

5. Watching Yoda chase his tail in circles trying to itch it and not really succeeding. Its hard being a pug with a flat face. Normal doggy duties (hehe I said duties) go neglected because of his flat face.

6. Every time Yoda goes down the stairs he slides at the bottom and skids into the door. i.e. the flat face? You'd think he would learn to not hall-ass down those stairs so he could actually stop when he steps off the carpeted stairs onto the slick laminate and not slide right into the door. But no, he likes to make me laugh.

7. Dude, you will never guess what I found in my washing machine!! Seriously I found a spider - a daddy long legs and I was like aah, poor spider, died in the washing machine.

Wait, does a spider with a spider web in my washer mean I don't do laundry? What's your problem DLL? Talking all sorts of crap about my making sure my family has clean clothes issues. Yeah, well, well....Jerk! Oops, sorry tangent there.

But then I poked DLL with one of Adam's dirty socks 'cause I may be okay with DDLs over other spiders but I still ain't voluntarily touching one! And he moved!

Holy crap he's alive - and no I don't think Adam's sock stunk bad enough to even make a dead spider move. Well, maybe. But I learned LONG ago that you do not smell boys gym/workout clothes, socks, or underwear. That's what you get with having three brothers, especially when one of those brothers have Bud's feet. That boy can clear a room 2 seconds after taking off his shoes. But anyways, DLL totally ran off up under the lip of the washer. So I loaded it and started it and now he is having a jaccuzi or like the bestest spider carnival ride EVA! I hope he don't puke on my clothes.

8. The fact that the second we say bedtime, Adam goes to the bathroom and proceeds to sit on the toilet doing a #2 for like 2 hours! Take that bedtime!

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