27 August 2009

Shoot me now!

Please! Please someone shoot me now!

I have 11 days, 18 hours, and 14 minutes (and counting) until I kick my kids out of my car in front of their school and drive away laughing like a manic. Oh, and I will be laughing - and then I will treat myself to a super duper extra big white chocolate mocha from Coffee Station who hasn't been getting a lot of business from me because I'm stuck at home drinking my homemade coffee.

By the way, I did not just do the math on that countdown. I totally cheated and googled it. God, I love Google.

Now back to WHY I need to count down until school is back in.

The fighting and bickering and arguing is DRIVING.ME.NUTS!

All day I hear:

"Mom, Carus won't get off of me!" "MOM! Adam won't let me sit on the couch." "Mom! Carus needs to shut up!" "Mom, Adam is not helping me!" "AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!" "NNNOOOO!!!!!" "SSSSTTTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPP" "MMMMMOOOOMMMMMMMM" (right now, this second - it is "GET.AWAY.FROM.ME!")

And I spend all day shouting:

"Knock it off!"


"Adam, do not be mean to your sister! She can sit next to you on the couch, IT IS BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF YOUR SCRAWNY ASSES!"

"Carus, seriously! STOP.CLIMBING.ON.PEOPLE!"

"I swear to god, if you two do not stop fighting, I will ground your butts to your room for a month!"

"Yo, Adam! Stop it!"


And so on and so on.

Please please Oregon, do not have any more school budget cuts and have to add in extra days off that were not planned. This summer was WWWAAAYYY TTTOOO LLLOONNNGG!

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