28 August 2009

And then....


Sorry, that's a common quote around our house. It was started by Robert and our friend David.

I thought for the longest time that it was just something they came up with, and then I was told that it comes from the movie 'Dude, Where's My Car'.

I still haven't seen that movie - be we say this all the time, in a funny accent. If you wanna hear it, just give me a call and say, "And then" and I will answer "NO AND THEN!"

We quote other movies too - mostly Disney movies. If someone says "And Daddy they took my boot!" You will be met with "Oh, those are the ones I bought you" in our very best british accent (which isn't that good).

Ha! Name that movie!

So anyways, where was I. Crap, don't remember. I know it was witty and funny and deep and spiritual and I was like Oh, I have got to write that down. So I started, then had to go do something and I came back and was like crap, what was I writing...

I need my own transcriptionist because my ramblings to myself are really funny and then I'll go to write them down and I don't remember them. And then I'm sad, because I wanna be funny. I want people to laugh with me - key word there being WITH. Not AT. And then because I made you laugh you will like me.

Maybe tomorrow I will have the same thought and go OOOh, I've got to write that down and then you will be blown away by the awesomeness of whatever it was.

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